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Our Features

World Leader

Brought to you by the world leader in the field

Unsurpassable customisation

High levels of customisation (control the nature and the branding of the content)


Established products already being prepared for market

Easy to use

miRoamer interface and web portal both add value to your customers listening experience

Universally available user profiles

User profiles are globally available meaning that you can own their listening experience beyond the confines of their vehicles

No annoying updates

No need for firmware updates as miRoamer technology updates dynamically allowing all products to have the latest and newest content.

Effective Advertising Campaigns

Use demographic information to create targeted advertising campaigns across territories and products

and more...

Content is aggregated and customised to your specific needs. These can include custom selection of your own stations; language and even which devices receive what content based on user demographics and geographic location. It is also branded to your requirements.
Collect data from vehicles or other products to help deliver the highest quality product solution. Use the data to identify future product improvements and quickly correct any issues with the service. All data is aggregated and on an anonymous basis. Provide web-based data analytics tools.
Your branded content is delivered to the vehicle, with a wide range of easy to understand user enhancements. For example, the user (and their families if desired) may customise their individual listening profiles on a web portal.

We are multiple award winners

Here are just some of the awards we have won throughout the years.